Best Affiliate Programs for non-product blogs?

Hi everyone,

I realize this might be a silly question since everything is essentially a product or service. However, I’m curious if anyone knows of affiliate programs suitable for blogs focused on philosophy, science, the cosmos, thought experiments, etc.

I am currently part of Amazon Associates, but most of my affiliate links are for books.

I also know that there used to be an affiliate program for Curiosity Stream, which would have been perfect, but it seems to no longer be available.

Does anyone know of any similar programs?


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I also use Amazon Affiliates, but I don’t earn much from it. The items I promote don’t cost much, so I make very little profit. I aim to make $1000 a month from affiliates, but right now I’m only making around $5. It’s hard to find another platform with as many products as Amazon.

Yes, exactly the same here. I receive about $100 a month from Amazon, however, at the moment I only have a few affiliate posts, most of which are reviews of books.