Best blogging courses for those starting out

Hello! I’m interested in starting a blog and I’m considering investing in a paid online course to get started. While I’m aware of the free resources available on platforms like YouTube, I prefer the structure and organization that a paid course can offer.

After doing some searches on both here and Google, I’ve found myself overwhelmed by the sheer number of courses available online. I was hoping someone here could recommend the top 1-2 online blogging courses. I’ve heard about Income School, but I’m not sure if it’s the right fit as it seems to focus more on YouTube.

If you could recommend 1-2 paid online blogging courses for someone who is completely new to blogging, regardless of cost, what would they be? Thank you!


@KarmaKnight. I see you are looking for the best blogging courses that you can take a new blogger you can try the following options below:
Clever Blogger

Starting a Blog

Blogging for Your Business

Top Blogging

Advanced Blogging Class

Understanding Blog Numbers

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Most people in today’s era just take blogging as a joke; delving into blogging with zero skills and ending up messing with their blog sites.
I like your idea of learning adequate skills first before going deep into blogging.
I would suggest three courses and the sites where you will learn them:

  • The Complete SEO Course by Reliablesoft: This course covers all important tasks for optimizing your blog for search engines
  • Blogging for a Living on Udemy: A comprehensive course that teaches you how to monetize your blog effectively
  • Blogging for Business by Ahrefs: This is a course that is tailored for those looking to use blogging as a tool for business growth

Learn this three courses and you will thank me later


Hey @KarmaKnight I have been blogging for close to a year now and my journey has been a smooth one.
I took my course with Great Learning( How to start Blogging?) when I was starting out and it has helped quite a lot. You should check them out.

If you are really serious about getting into the blogging landscape, I can advise you to do a course concerning WordPress. I think Coursera has lots of these courses.
Check out these courses, they have beginner, intermediate, etc., for people who want to start blogging Best Wordpress Courses Online with Certificates [2024] | Coursera

hallo knight this should guide u Six-Figure Blog Builder: Lauren and Noah at Create and Go offer this comprehensive course. It covers everything from setting up your first blog to advanced growth and revenue strategies. Topics include starting a blog, driving traffic with Pinterest and SEO, monetization, and scaling your income to six figures.

Superstar Blogging: Travel blogger Nomadic Matt created this course. While it focuses on travel blogging, it offers valuable insights for any niche. Learn about content creation, social media, and monetization.