Best free blogging platform for a beginner?

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years, however it keeps not happening for a variety of reasons. One such reason being never being able to settle on a niche, even though I don’t expect to be able to monetize anything that I have to say.

I just love words, and want to improve my writing for personal enrichment. I’m currently in the midst of a pretty impressive state of crippling depression, and just really need something to do.

If I keep spending time agonizing over a singular topic, I’m never going to start. I’m beginning to feel that the best thing for me to do is to just dive in. I plan on just writing about anything happening in the news/social media that happens to trigger an impassioned inner monologue. I’ve also been trying very hard to abstain from internet arguments, and feel like this could be a way to help me get my thoughts/feelings out without allowing myself to be sucked into a 4AM round of Facebook comment section fisticuffs.

Anyways, what platform do you guys think would be best for my purposes? Preferably one with some manner of community presence, where someone could potentially build a follower base by commenting on other blogs.

Even though I don’t antcipate being able to build a huge following, I am partially doing this as a means to reach out to a world that I feel isolated from, so I would like SOME readers.

How to create a blog for free

  1. Sign up for a free blog maker. Choose what kind of blog you want to create.
  2. Pick a blog name. Let people know what your blog is all about.
  3. Choose your blog template. Customize its design to match your style.
  4. Write and publish your first post. …
  5. Share your blog.
    Hope this information is helpful :melting_face: :melting_face: :melting_face:
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Hi Nicky, the best platform depends on your priorities but I can recommend starting with a platform like Wix or - they’re easy to use, and you can always upgrade to a paid plan later to enjoy more features.

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While you might not be aiming for a massive following, even a small, engaged audience can be very rewarding. Commenting on other blogs and engaging in discussions is a great way to connect with people who share your interests.

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Awesome. Thank you for the directory. Let me snoop around in the platform.

I think starting on blogger is good. Check out this link How much does it cost to start a blog? - #4 by GalacticGazer

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