Best Free Email Marketing Service?

So, here’s the deal. Over the past year, this has been a major challenge for me. I started using back in February, but it doesn’t integrate with any of the lead generation tools I was using before neither Bloom, Thrive Leads, nor Elementor, and it’s been quite frustrating.

Now, I’m considering switching to one of those free plans for email marketing services like Mailchimp until I can confirm that I’m actually gathering leads.

I’ve spent a lot of money on this in the past, so I want to make sure I make the right choice this time. Any advice would be really helpful.


Hello,Daily sending limit can be restrictive, and advanced features require a paid plan.


After utilizing Mails AI for a few months, I have to admit that I’m witnessing a higher conversion rate than I was with my previous solutions.

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I’d always recommend EmailOctopus - their free plan covers up to 2.5k subscribers and includes loads of premium features that are normally only available on paid plans with other platforms… but if you want a paid plan with no provider branding on the emails, they’re also much cheaper than other platforms and integrate with all of the website, ecommerce, and form tools you’d expect, as well as loads more via Zapier.

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Systeme io website doesn’t interface with your favorite lead-generating solutions, thus switching to an email marketing free plan like Mailchimp might be a short-term fix to effectively collect leads. Before deciding, assess how well it works with your existing configuration and take into account the features and long-term scalability.

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Provides unlimited subscribers and 9,000 monthly email sends, with a daily restriction of 300. It works well for those who have a large number of subscribers but receive infrequent communications.

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I always prefer EmailOctopus because their free plan covers up to 2.5k subscribers and contains a slew of premium features that are typically only available on paid plans with other platforms.

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