Can I get my website approved even though most of it is written by chat gpt?


I started a blog earlier this year and wrote several articles with ChatGPT. Instead of using a single prompt, I structure the sections I want and have ChatGPT write each section as I need it. I sometimes rephrase things, but GPT does most of the work.

I currently get about 2,000 visitors per month from organic traffic, but AdSense keeps rejecting me for low content value.

I comply with GDPR rules (cookie banner, all the required pages).

I have around 30 articles, each over 1,000 words.

My 4 categories each have at least 5 articles.

I planned to keep adding more articles until I got approved, but now I am really wondering if I will ever be allowed on AdSense because of the AI-generated content…

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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To boost your AdSense approval chances with AI-generated content, focus on adding personal touches, ensuring high quality, and emphasizing user engagement. Highlight unique value and comply with AdSense guidelines.

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Just hire a professional blogger or a writer who will come up with original content. Probably Google thinks that your topics are cliche.
Also, you could consider adding images, videos, or infographics to make your posts more insightful and visually appealing.