Do people read blogs anymore?

I’m sorry if this sounds silly, but I don’t know much about this. I thought blogs wouldn’t be around anymore because social media is taking over their purpose.

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No need to apologize! Blogs are still very much alive and relevant. While social media has its place, blogs offer in-depth content, long-form discussions, and a platform for individuals and businesses to establish authority in their niche. So, in short, blogs complement social media rather than being replaced by it.

Absolutely, no need to apologize at all, Blogs are definitely still alive and relevant. While social media is great for quick updates and interactions, blogs offer a unique space for more in-depth content and discussions. They allow individuals and businesses to showcase their expertise and establish credibility in their field. So, rather than being replaced by social media, blogs complement it by providing a platform for more detailed and thoughtful content.

It sounds so silly that you have to ask if people read blogs anymore with the number of blogging spaces such as WordPress and Medium increasing their number of subscribers. Also, social media sites such as X are predominantly used as blogs in this day and age