Help To Delete Someone Else's Wordpress-Site


The unfortunate thing is that my place of employment, a general care clinic, came across a page that appeared to be an early draft of a website promoting our practice. We still do not know who created the website, despite asking every employee and former employee. And it is a concern since the information about it is inaccurate and misleading, as we frequently hear from our patients who become perplexed by the wrong information.

I am looking for a way to get in touch with someone who can either remove or deactivate the page or get in touch with the owner in the hopes of getting in touch with the prospect to correct the information. It is giving me a lot of headaches, so I sincerely hope it is not a lost cause.


Check for the domain’s contact details. Simply contacting them and requesting that they remove your stuff is the first step.

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Contact your web hosting provider to remove it. Also, consider filing a complaint with ICANN. SEO ensures only your clinic appears in searches, a service I always prioritize for my clients.

For addressing the unauthorized website promoting your clinic, start by conducting a domain lookup to identify the hosting provider or domain registrar. Contact them directly through their customer support channels, providing evidence of your ownership or association with the clinic. Explain the situation clearly, emphasizing the inaccuracies and potential harm caused by the misinformation. Hosting providers and registrars typically have policies in place for addressing such issues, and they can take action to either remove or deactivate the website until the ownership and content disputes are resolved. It may take persistence, but it’s not a lost cause—many providers prioritize resolving these issues to maintain trust and legality on their platforms.