How can I discover blogs on Blogspot?

Hi there! I’m new to this blogging platform, Blogger, and I started blogging only two days ago. Can someone please explain how I can find and discover other cool blogs on Blogger?

As a fellow blog explorer,

I’ve scoured the web to find the best ways to unearth hidden gems on Blogspot. Here are some effective strategies:

Search with Specificity:

Google Search with "": This trick tells Google to only show results from Blogspot websites. Just type your desired topic followed by "" in the search bar. For example, "fashion trends" will return Blogspot blogs focused on fashion.

Dedicated Blogspot Search Engine:

Search Blogger and Blogspot Blogs: Did you know there's a search engine specifically designed for Blogspot? Head over to [searchblogspot com] and type in your area of interest. This is a fantastic way to find blogs exclusively on the Blogspot platform.

Social Media Sleuthing:

Twitter Search: Many Blogspot bloggers promote their work on Twitter. Try searching for "Blogspot" or your specific niche (e.g., "travel blog Blogspot"). You might discover a treasure trove of blogs this way. Just be sure to sort through the results carefully, as there could be some irrelevant content.

Following the Bloggers:

Blog Directories and Communities: There are online directories and communities specifically for Blogspot bloggers. Exploring these platforms can introduce you to a network of passionate creators. Some popular options include BlogClan and MyBlogspot.

Curating Your Discoveries:

Blogspot Reading List: Once you find some interesting Blogspot blogs, add them to your Blogspot reading list. This built-in feature lets you easily keep track of your favorite blogs and stay updated on their latest posts.

To discover other blogs on Blogger, start by utilizing the platform’s “Reading List” feature, where you can follow and keep track of your favorite blogs. Explore the “Blogs of Note” section to find noteworthy blogs highlighted by Blogger’s team, and browse categories and tags to discover blogs that match your interests. Engage with bloggers by leaving comments on their posts, join online communities dedicated to blogging, and consider collaborating or guest posting to expand your network.

Lastly, share your own blog posts on social media to increase visibility and attract readers. By actively engaging with the Blogger community and exploring different blogs and topics, you’ll be able to grow your blogging network and discover new blogs.

You can find other blogs by searching for them online. Others can find you the same way, though you may not be indexed or ranked on search engines when you first start out.