How can I make my personal blog private?

For the past few years, I’ve been really into doing my own research, mostly for college assignments. Since my field of study is quite niche in my country, it’s tough to find others interested in delving deep into it. There are very few resources available, so I end up producing better research results compared to my classmates. I feel it’s a shame not to share my findings.

When I finish my research, I feel a bit disappointed because I don’t know what else to do with it, especially since I’ve just completed my first year of college. I wish there was a platform where I could post my work and connect with others who might be interested. I also enjoy editing and playing around with web design, so I’m thinking a blog might be a good way to start.

I’m not looking to make money from this, and I don’t plan to post every day. Since my field is small, I don’t expect my blog to become widely popular, but I think it could be well received within smaller communities. Do you think I should start blogging? Would or Blogger be good options for a small blog like mine?

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Just Check the Enable login privacy box to make your site private and click the Save Privacy Status button. With this enabled, visitors will encounter the site login page when attempting to access your website. Click on the Landing Page menu option to choose the destination for users after a successful login.

Hi, I know this is a strange request, but here it is:

I lost my brother a few months ago, and at this stage of the grief process, I would really like to have a place to write to him and preserve stories and recollections about him. Does anyone know of a platform that would make this possible? I mostly want to use it for my own grief process; I don’t want anyone else to really look at it or find it online.

I would be grateful for any suggestions! Regards!

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The only options are to delete the account or create a public one for sharing with friends, which you can link to in your bio. Then, create a separate account for sensitive matters that you don’t want people associating with you. I have an ultra-private Reddit account that I set up using Tor Browser and fake emails, completely unlinked from my main account. This is more for security enthusiasts like me.

And by the way, avoid sharing personal information on the internet! It’s one of the worst mistakes you can make!

Hello, Alex. The only option is to delete it or make a public one that you offer to friends and link to in your biographies, as well as another for sensitive information that others should not associate with you.

Making your personal blog private lets you manage who can view your content. Here’s how to do it:

WordPress Blog:

  1. Use SeedProd plugin to create a “Coming Soon” page for overall privacy.
  2. Set up a private members-only site with MemberPress.
  3. Enable Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode via WordPress hosting to hide your site temporarily.
  4. Use My Private Site plugin to make your entire WordPress blog private.
  5. Make individual blog posts private using WordPress Settings.

To restrict access to your blog, you can employ various techniques such as password protection for individual posts or the entire website, creating a members-only site, using privacy plugins like My Private Site, or adjusting the visibility settings of your content within WordPress.