How can I target tier 1 countries when I live in a tier 3 country?

Would it be advisable for me to switch my blog’s timezone (currently set on to NYC or another option? Since my blog focuses on mathematics, it isn’t confined to any particular country.


It might be beneficial to switch your blog’s timezone to NYC, especially if your target audience or your peak engagement times align with that timezone. However, since your blog focuses on mathematics and isn’t limited to any specific country, consider analyzing your audience demographics and engagement patterns to make an informed decision. Opting for a timezone that accommodates the majority of your readership or when they’re most active could enhance their experience and interaction with your content. Ultimately, choose a timezone that optimizes accessibility and engagement for your global audience.

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Focus on creating high-quality content that speaks to your audience.
Also, use social media platforms that they use to promote your content.
Changing your blog’s time zone may not affect its performance that much like Quality content will.