How do I add a blog on Squarespace?

Does anyone use Squarespace for their blog? Has anyone had success financially or with monthly traffic?

There are a few choices for you…

To control your site in SquareSpace, first log in and click on “Pages.” Then, move your mouse over your blog in the list of pages on the left. A gear icon should show up. If you click it, you’ll be taken to the Blog Settings screen. On the General page, scroll down to find a setting for how many posts show up on each page. You can get up to 20 posts from this.

You can make a new page and add a block with a description. You can choose the blog as the page the block pulls from when you change its settings, and you can choose which things to show on the Design tab. You can only make 30 posts with this.

I guess those are the only two choices. The posts can’t all be on one page, but these two will give you more than the four you have now.

Yes, a lot of bloggers utilize Squarespace to improve their readership and make money. Its strong features and easy-to-use interface provide efficient content management and audience interaction.