How do I cite a blog in APA?

How does one properly cite a blog post in APA format, and what are the key elements required for accurate citation?


Citing a blog post in APA format can seem tricky, but it’s actually not too bad! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Key elements: You’ll need the author’s name (last name, initials), year of publication (including month if available), title of the blog post in quotation marks, followed by “[Blog post]” in brackets, and lastly, the website address (URL).
  • Putting it all together: For example, if you found a helpful blog post by Dr. Jane Smith titled “5 Tips to Improve Your Focus,” published in March 2023 on a website called “Focus Focus Blog,” here’s how you’d cite it:Smith, J. (2023, March). 5 tips to improve your focus [Blog post]. Focus Focus Blog. [invalid URL removed]

Here are some extra tips:

  • If there’s no author listed, use the screen name or organization name in its place.
  • If the date is unavailable, just include the year.
  • Don’t include the blog name itself in the reference list, just the URL.

Remember, APA format is all about clarity and consistency. If you follow these steps, you’ll be citing blog posts like a pro!

To cite a blog post in APA format, you need to include the author’s name, the date the post was published, the title of the post, the URL of the post, and the name of the blog.
If there’s no author, start with the post’s title.
Here is an Example:
With Writer:
Author’s Name. (Year, Month Day). Title of the blog post [Blog post]. Name of the Blog. URL
Jane Smith. (2024, May 15). How to Make Delicious Pancakes [Blog post]. Cooking Adventures. URL

Without Writer:
Title of the blog post. (Year, Month Day). [Blog post]. Name of the Blog. URL
How to Make Delicious Pancakes. (2024, May 15). [Blog post]. Cooking Adventures. URL

Citing a blog post in APA format is pretty straightforward once you know the key elements. Let me break it down for you.

First off, you’ll need the author’s last name and initials, followed by the publication date of the post in parentheses. If there’s no specific author listed, you can use the name of the blog or website instead.

Next up is the title of the blog post, which should be in sentence case and followed by a period. After that, you’ll include the URL of the post. If the post has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), you can include that instead of the URL.

For example, if I were citing a blog post from my own blog, it might look something like this:

Nelly, S. (2024, May 15). How to Properly Cite a Blog Post in APA Format. Retrieved from https:/

And that’s pretty much it! Just remember to arrange the elements in the correct order and format, and you’ll have a properly cited blog post in APA style.

If I’m citing a blog post written by multiple authors, how many names do I include in the APA reference list?

I agree, the process of citing a blog post in APA style is quite straightforward once you get the hang of it. You’ve provided an excellent breakdown of the key elements and a helpful example that illustrates how to properly format the citation.

A few additional thoughts on citing blog posts in APA:

  • The inclusion of “[Blog post]” in brackets after the post title helps clarify the type of source being cited, which is especially useful when your reference list contains a mix of different source formats.
  • Omitting the blog name from the reference list entry, and just including the URL, keeps the citation concise and focused on the essential information.
  • As you mentioned, handling cases where the author or date is unclear is an important consideration. Adhering to the standard APA guidelines in these situations ensures consistency.
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According to APA guidelines, for a blog post with multiple authors, include up to 20 author names in the reference list entry.

Thank you for the deep information given.