How do Layout Shifts affect page performance?

How can Layout shifts affect page performance? Any suggestions, please, as this is getting out of hand, on how can improve my page performance?


It makes it hard for users to read content etc. In fact, it is a core ranking factor listed under Google’s Core Web Vitals. Google has dedicated a whole page on GSC on speed and vitals showing how serious they are with user experience


Ensure that your website is fully responsive and adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices.

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They can make it hard for people to read your content or click on buttons, which can definitely hurt your engagement and conversion rates.

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As someone who cares about a smooth website experience, I can tell you layout shifts are those annoying jumps and bumps the content makes as the page loads. This can be super frustrating, like trying to read a newspaper with someone constantly shaking it! These shifts happen because elements load at different times, throwing everything out of whack. Not only is this jarring for users, but it can also hurt the site’s performance in search engines since Google prioritizes websites that are stable and easy to navigate. So, keeping your layout tidy and predictable is key for both happy visitors and good SEO.

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Layout shifts impact page performance by affecting user experience, SEO, and business outcomes. Unexpected movements frustrate users and cause accidental clicks, making the site feel unstable and untrustworthy. These shifts can lower search engine rankings due to Google’s Core Web Vitals, specifically the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) metric. Poor layout stability can reduce conversion rates and customer retention, as users prefer stable, predictable browsing experiences. Ensuring smooth, stable page loads is essential for maintaining a high-quality website.

I completely agree with you. Layout shifts are incredibly frustrating and can significantly disrupt the user experience, much like trying to read a newspaper while someone is shaking it.