How do you guys promote a blog these days?

Since 2005, when I first began blogging, I haven’t stopped. I write because I like it and because there are benefits (like meeting new people and using my blog as a portfolio). I don’t blog for financial gain.

Commenting on other blogs (sincere comments!) used to drive attention to my feed, but it appears like no one is blogging these days. I don’t spend much time on social media outside of my blog because: 1) I have a life. 2) I don’t have enough content to warrant being active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

So, in 2024, how would one advertise a blog? How do you make contact with others? Any advice?

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Consider using Pinterest! Using Canva, create pins related to your topics and include links to them. That works for mine and brings in some traffic. The wonderful thing about Pinterest is that, unlike Instagram and other social media, where you have to regularly post new stuff for your account to be seen, they encourage pins indefinitely.

I’ve had a blog for about five years now myself and I re-branded it and deleted all my post and started fresh, honestly I have a blogged in a very long time since last December and the way I used to get a lot of feedback and comments were through Twitter blogging groups I’d follow. I would post my Link have other people retweet my work and I would share their work and that got me a lot of views/subscribers when I first started blogging. You could always make a Instagram page just for your blog as well.

Hey, just wondering, why do you want more traffic if you’re not blogging for money but for friends and people? :blush:

Since you like genuine comments and meaningful connections, you should check out I’ve been using it for a few months, and it’s really refreshing. The /discover tab there gives you a glimpse into the community. You can write both short (micro) posts and longer, traditional blog posts.