How do you start an anonymous blog


I’m interested in starting a blog but want to remain completely anonymous. I have some personal and sensitive topics I’d like to write about and prefer to keep my identity hidden. Could anyone guide me through the steps to set up an anonymous blog? What platforms should I use, and how can I ensure my privacy and anonymity are protected?

Thanks in advance.

To start an anonymous blog, pick a platform like WordPress or Tumblr that supports privacy. Use a pseudonym to hide your real name. Protect your identity by not disclosing personal info in your blog’s metadata or domain registration. Be mindful of the content you post to avoid accidental identity reveals. Employ privacy tools such as VPNs and secure browsers when managing your blog.

I ran across similar situation when I first started my blog a while back. I quit a high-paying work last year and was hesitant to share my thoughts under my own name because I wanted to preserve the prior position as a backup plan.

Eventually, I realized a handful of things that helped me ‘open up’ and posted on my personal social media–the scary one being Linkedin.

Nobody truly cares about your identity—except if you’re writing controversial stuff.

The feedback I had from my own social media was quite interesting–no one gave a crap, and a few odd pals from throughout the years PM’d me to give a ‘wow, you’re a wonderful writer’ kind of thing–which was a

I would advise you to begin blogging anonymously if you are afraid of the consequences you might experience in your personal or professional life if your true identity is linked to your blog.

If not, your readers won’t be interested in getting to know you at first (in fact, they might even prefer a real person with whom they can identify and connect!) I fail to see why you wouldn’t make a reputation for yourself right away.