How does one monetize a personal blog?

Hello everyone,

I have developed a daily habit of posting to my blog, and I really enjoy it! Traffic is starting to build up, and I’m considering monetizing it. I know ads are an easy option, but I do not want them to make my site look cluttered. If I do use ads, I might go with platforms like Ezoic and keep them minimal.

I am looking for alternative ways to generate income from my blog but am struggling with ideas. For context, I’m a university academic, and my blog focuses on data science, data visualization, programming, and the Linux operating system.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

What about you try to collaborate with brands who may pay for sponsored posts or product reviews to promote their products on your blog

I recommend developing a weekly newsletter based on your blog and monetizing it as an alternative to placing ads on your blog. The newsletter would feature your most recent blog post in long form and offer at least two revenue streams.

Here’s an example of how to monetize new subscribers:

  1. Create a newsletter using ConvertKit and add a subscription form to your blog.
  2. Sign up for Sparkloop, which is free with ConvertKit’s Pro plan (there may be a fee, possibly around $129 per month).
  3. Set up Sparkloop’s Upscribe, a paid recommendation tool. When someone subscribes to your newsletter, they are shown three or more other newsletter recommendations.
  4. If a person subscribes to any of these recommended newsletters, you get paid, typically about $2 per subscriber.

In my first week of doing this, I generated about $120 in revenue. My friend Steven, who runs a newsletter about getting a job in tech, makes about $3,000 per month using this method and introduced me to it.

Payments are made monthly on the 15th.

Additionally, you can sell sponsorships in the newsletter. Unlike ads on a blog, which can look cluttered, having one sponsor in a newsletter is expected. You can start selling sponsorships once you have a few hundred subscribers. Here’s how:

  1. List your newsletter on platforms like Paved and Swapstack.
  2. Connect with potential sponsors.
  3. Place the sponsor’s copy in your next newsletter.
  4. Get paid for the placement.

With a list of 1,000 subscribers, you can earn a couple of hundred dollars per newsletter, with top newsletters earning much more.

In the tech niche, you can work with endorsements. Promote the products of well established tech firms in your website and when someone purchases via your website, you will earn some money

Monetizing your blog without cluttering it with ads can be effectively achieved by selling digital products, leveraging your expertise in data science, data visualization, programming, and Linux. You can create e-books, online courses, downloadable templates, and exclusive content for a membership section.

I started by identifying popular topics among my readers and wrote an e-book on a well-received subject, “A Practical Guide to Natural Language Processing with Python.” I marketed it through blog posts and email lists, sought feedback to improve it, and gradually expanded to online courses and premium content. This approach not only provided a steady income but also strengthened my authority in my niche, offering significant value to my audience.