How many blog posts should I aim for in my first 3 months?

Hey guys, I’m starting a website about pets, focusing on a specific type of pet. I want to know how many articles I should write in the first three months. My goal is to make a little bit of money by the start of 2022, even though I don’t expect to make much. So, how many articles should I aim for? I’m in college full-time, so I’m not sure what’s realistic. Should I try for 30 articles? 50? I want to know what has worked for others and how many long articles versus short ones I should aim for.

Hey everyone! So I’m diving into the world of pet websites, focusing on one kind of furry (or feathery, or scaly!) friend. I’m hyped to build this website, but I also have my eye on making a little side hustle by next year. Here’s the thing: I’m a full-time college student, so I gotta be realistic about how much content I can crank out.

My question is, how many articles should I aim for in the first three months? Should I shoot for 30? 50? Even more? I’ve seen some websites recommend tons of content, but being a student, I gotta find a balance.

Here’s what I think will work out pretty well:

  • Quality over Quantity: While there’s definitely value in having a lot of content, focusing on in-depth, informative articles seems to be the key to success. People recommend aiming for well-researched pieces that answer reader questions thoroughly.
  • Consistency is King: Even with a smaller number of articles, posting regularly is crucial. Readers are more likely to stick around if they know there’s fresh content coming. Maybe aim for 2-3 well-written articles a week?
  • Long vs. Short: This seems to depend on the topic. In-depth guides and informative pieces might be longer, while quick tips or breed profiles could be shorter. The key seems to be providing value to the reader, no matter the length.

So, here’s my plan: I’m going to focus on creating high-quality articles, 2-3 times a week, for the first three months. That way, I can build a good foundation of content while keeping up with my studies.

Of course, this is just a starting point! I’ll definitely be tracking my website’s traffic and what kind of content resonates most with readers. Who knows, maybe I can even bump up the number of articles as I get the hang of things!

What do you guys think? Any pet website owners out there with advice on a student-friendly content creation schedule? Let me know in the comments!

Hey there!

Starting a website about pets sounds like a fantastic idea! It’s awesome that you’re focusing on a specific type of pet – that can really help you carve out your niche in the vast world of pet content. About how many articles to aim for in the first three months. It’s great that you’re setting goals, especially considering you’re juggling college full-time. Balancing studies and a side project can be challenging, but totally doable with the right approach.

Here’s my take: Quality over quantity is key, especially when you’re just starting out. Instead of fixating on a specific number like 30 or 50 articles, focus on creating content that’s valuable and engaging for your audience. Think about what kind of information pet owners are searching for about your specific type of pet – whether it’s care tips, training advice, or fun facts.

Start with a manageable goal, maybe aiming for around 15 to 20 well-researched and informative articles in the first three months. This allows you to consistently publish content without overwhelming yourself with too much work.

As for the mix of long versus short articles, it really depends on your audience and the topics you’re covering. Longer articles can be great for in-depth guides or tutorials, while shorter ones might work well for quick tips or news updates. Try experimenting with both and see what resonates with your readers.

There’s no magic number for articles in three months, but focusing on quality and consistency will be key. Websites with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tend to see results faster. Experts recommend at least 15-20 well-researched articles in the first few months. These should target keywords pet owners use to search for information on your specific pet. Aim for a mix of lengths: some in-depth guides (think 1,000+ words) and shorter, informative pieces (500-700 words) to keep your audience engaged. Remember, consistent updates with valuable content are what Google and readers love!