How should I decide how much to charge for a blog post?

I’m trying to figure out if my prices for creating blogs are too high or too low. I recently saw a proposal from a top SEO agency charging $1000 for a blog post of over 2000 words. But when I read their article, I didn’t think it was worth that much.

For a 2000-word blog post, I usually charge $400, which includes two rounds of revisions and a couple of images I create. It also includes internal and external links.

I think the agency can charge that much because of their reputation rather than the quality of their content.

Another thing to consider is what clients are willing to pay. It would be difficult for me to ask my clients for $1000 for a blog post. Bigger agencies may have clients with deeper pockets.

What do you think?

Hello @Mason. I think your approach seems fair and thoughtful. Ultimately, it’s about finding that sweet spot where you and your clients feel valued.


That is true. Pricing can sometimes feel like a guessing game, but it sounds like Mason has a good handle on it. His dedication to quality and client satisfaction will always set him apart.

Finding the right pricing for blog posts requires skill. While reputation is important, the value provided to clients is even more crucial. Charging $400 for a 2000-word post is fair. It’s essential to weigh your unique value, client budgets, and market trends.