How to find personal, non-commercial, diary-like blogs?

Many years ago, before YouTube vlogs were a thing, people seemed to be in love with personal blogs. At that time, I was writing on my own personal blog and it was relatively easy to find others who would just write about their day or whatever was going on in their mind and heart, without obsessing over how can they attract more visitors and make money off of it I believe there are still people who write like that, but in a world where all social media platforms promote sensationalism and shailowness, I don’t know where to find those kind of blogs anymore. Google search doesn’t help at all. Does anybody else feel the same? :upside_down_face:

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I miss that - I had a blog like that back in like 2004-2005!

expound more on subreddits related to blogging or personal stories on Reddit. Users often share their blogs there, like the r/Blogging subreddit.

You can also check out specific authors’ blogs:

  • Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds, shares personal thoughts and writing advice.
  • John Scalzi’s Whatever covers various topics, including personal reflections.
  • Neil Gaiman maintains a diary-like journal on his website.