How to get google AdSense approval without writing blog post

Although I love to write material, I detest the idea of keeping up a blog. However, I’m excited to use Google AdSense to monetarily support my website. Is it possible to win people over without having to write frequent blog entries? Maybe using different approaches or formats for the content? If there is any way to go through the AdSense approval procedure without depending just on written blog entries, I would really appreciate it.

Yes, you can use alternative content formats like videos, infographics, or podcasts on your site to attract visitors and qualify for Google AdSense.

These formats can be engaging and require less frequent updates than traditional blog posts.

Including diverse content types may also enhance user engagement and help meet AdSense’s criteria for original and valuable content.

Optimize your site for users by including things like an About page, contact info, and privacy policy.

This shows your site is a legitimate business and not just ads.

Yes, you can definitely make money from your website using Google AdSense without just posting blog articles.

Here are some other ways you can create content:

  1. Build websites focused on specific topics with pages that don’t change often, like guides and tutorials.
  2. Create different types of content such as videos, podcasts, infographics, or photo collections.
  3. Develop tools, calculators, or interactive apps related to your topic.
  4. Collect and organize content from other sources, and add your own thoughts or explanations.
  5. Set up a community forum or question-and-answer section where users can interact and contribute.

The main thing is to offer valuable, high-quality content that attracts and keeps your audience interested. Google AdSense looks at the quality of your content, how much traffic your site gets, and if you follow their rules. As long as you have plenty of original, user-friendly content, you can use different content formats besides just writing blog posts.