How to start a fitness blog

I am doing research for my cousin, a tall, thin dude who wants to venture into fitness blogging. What really does he need to have other than being a creative writer?


Your cousin has an advantage in terms of writing talents, but he will need some additional information to win over fitness readers. In short, he has to grasp how exercise works and what people eat to keep healthy. Trying out different workouts will give him more topics to talk about. Great images and videos will capture people’s attention, and social media expertise will assist spread the message. Once his blog is up and running, he may be able to monetize it! The most important thing is that he’s passionate about fitness and enjoys sharing his knowledge. That passion will keep readers returning for more.

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If I were writing a post about the “Best 10 Foods for Hypertrophy,” here’s how I would approach it:

First, I would jot down everything I already know. While I’m not a certified PT (yet), my passion for sports and fitness has given me a good foundation of knowledge.

Next, I would read the top 10 articles on the topic, mentally summarizing and noting the most important points in a Word document.

Then, I would watch around 5 YouTube videos on the same subject, noting any overlapping information and any new insights.

Finally, I would blend all this information together and start writing.

My favorite part of this process is that I’m constantly learning new things while researching, which also benefits my fitness goals.

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In order to be successful in fitness blogging, your cousin will also need to have a strong passion for fitness, knowledge of fitness-related topics, consistency in posting, rudimentary SEO skills, the ability to market content, familiarity with blog platforms and design, and networking within the fitness community.