How to start a weight loss blog?

People have been requesting that I post my weight reduction journey on my blog since I have been sharing it on social media. I am eager to get started, but I am also a little overwhelmed by the task. I have heard of SEO and specialty research, but it all looks very complicated. Can you suggest any tools or advice to get me started on my weight loss blog, particularly for someone who has never blogged before?

Hi to all of you, I hope everyone is doing fine!

I’m on track to lose 200 pounds (90 kg) in total after losing 91 pounds (41 kg) lately, so it would be a good idea to start recording the journey. In terms of both mental health and the more pragmatic aspects of daily life, such as routines, diet, nutrition, etc. However, I’m not exactly sure how to go about accomplishing that, so I was hoping someone might help guide or advise me.

I publish my TikTok reels to my personal Facebook account, but I also have accounts on Medium, Instagram, and YouTube. I’ve already done a couple videos, so I just thought I’d ask what the ideal approach would be.

Starting my weight loss blog was a mix of excitement and overwhelm, especially since I had never blogged before. I decided to share my personal journey authentically, knowing that my own experiences, struggles, and victories could resonate deeply with others facing similar challenges. To navigate the complexities of SEO and keyword research, I leaned on tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush to identify popular topics and keywords related to weight loss and fitness.

I focused on creating valuable content such as practical tips, meal plans, workout routines, and motivational posts, ensuring each piece provided genuine value to my audience. Consistency became my mantra, establishing a regular posting schedule to maintain engagement and momentum. Engaging with readers through comments and social media has been crucial in building a supportive community around my blog. Sharing my journey confidently has allowed my blog to grow organically, inspiring others on their own weight loss journeys while fostering connections that continue to motivate and empower us all.