I want to blog but dont know where to start

Hi, I am new to the blogging world and I find it pretty interesting, I would like to get into it this year. I really don’t know a lot about it but I would like to try still. I do not consider myself much of an internaut and that is why I came here. Would someone please guide me on what should be my “baby steps” to get started.

Like the basics… any website, tools or skills that would help me to get it started. Any tip would be great. :grin::grin:

Things you need to get started:

Your niche or blog topic

Choose your platform. There are many blog platforms out there. Many free options. Most would recommend WordPress as it is the most customizable.

Choose to have it self-hosted or take control and buy a domain and get a hosting provider. GoDaddy, Siteground… etc.

Install WordPress and add a theme. Themes are your site design and functionality. Many free themes out there. Some are niche-specific as well.

Create articles and start publishing.

SEO… this is a larger topic as it includes on-site, off-site, keyword research, social sharing, and Google indexing.