Image Copyright Nightmare! How Can I Use Pictures on my Blog Legally

Hey all, I just launched my new food blog, “Forklore,” and things are going well! I’m posting delicious recipes and restaurant reviews, but I hit a snag. I found this amazing picture of the perfect blueberry pie, but I’m not sure if it’s okay to use it. I used to just grab random images from the web for my social media, but I don’t want to get in trouble on my blog.

Anyone have advice on how to find and use pictures legally on a food blog?

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just get images from pexels

Any photograph’s copyright is owned by the photographer or, frequently, the company they work for. Without a license, you cannot use that image, not even for blogging. To obtain permission to use the image, you must either purchase the image from the image provider or identify images that are available under an open license like Creative Commons.

In the end, copyright and intellectual property law are complicated, therefore you should consult a lawyer for accurate legal guidance.

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According to me – Amy Lawrence: A food blogger is usually a foodie who loves to eat, cook, write about food and take pictures of their food.

Yep, embedding content from Instagram, YouTube, X/Twitter, etc. is totally fine—they’re designed for that purpose. Just be mindful if you’re embedding a lot, like in a ‘30 different cake types’ post with 50 Instagram pics—it could slow down your page. Best to test it for page speed

I haven’t used embeds much myself, but it should be okay. Just double-check so your article doesn’t take ages to load

For the other part, always ensure the author allows it; if not, ask for permission.

Thanks for the clarification, Brooklyn! It’s important to respect photographers’ copyrights. I’ll make sure to use images with proper licenses or buy them to avoid any legal issues. Consulting a lawyer for detailed advice is a good idea too.