Is a blog a credible source?

I want to figure out how to tell what’s true and what’s not. Like, if I search “GMO” on Google, most of the websites are against GMOs. But scientists mostly say GMO foods are safe to eat. How can I know if a website is trustworthy or just talking nonsense? How do I know if a source is reliable based on science?

Blogs generally lack peer review, making it challenging to confidently ascertain authorship or verify content.
Additionally, blog content may be subject to change without notice, and blogs may not remain permanently accessible, potentially being removed over time.

Blogs can be really different when it comes to how trustworthy they are. Some blogs are written by people who really know their stuff and give accurate information after doing thorough research. But, there are also blogs that might not be as reliable. These could be written by people who are not experts or who have their own opinions that might not be fair. It is important to think carefully about where the blog comes from, who wrote it, and what proof they give before you decide if it is a good source of information. Usually, articles that have been checked by experts before they are published, like in scientific journals or trusted news sites, are seen as more trustworthy because they go through a strict process to make sure they are right.

Bloggers are not really credible sources for crucial information.
This is because most bloggers write articles on their sites giving their own thoughts and hence sometimes lacking professionalism.
Therefore for any information you consume online, you do your thorough research to make sure that the writer or the site is trusted hence their information can be relied upon.
But this does not hide the fact that there are bloggers who do thorough research before publishing any information online.