Is Bluehost a Good Choice for Blogging?


I’m planning to start a blog and am considering Bluehost. Has anyone used it for blogging? How’s the performance, speed, customer support, ease of use, pricing, and features like WordPress integration? Any feedback, both positive and negative, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Looking forward to your experiences…


Bluehost is actually a popular choice for beginners. They’re user-friendly, fast, and work great with WordPress, a popular blogging platform. Plus, their prices start affordable and customer service is there to help. The only catch? Renewal rates can be higher, so look around for the best deal. Overall, Bluehost is a good option for starting your blog easily

Blue Host has been disappointing… After being their customer for a decade, I finally decided to switch due to their declining service and outdated technology.

I’m currently in a dispute with them because they charged me for renewing my domain name without actually registering it. Consequently, someone else has acquired my domain (which I’ve spent 15 years building).

Instead of taking responsibility, Bluehost insists that I should contact the new domain owner and negotiate a purchase. There’s been no acknowledgment from Bluehost about their mistake or the fact that they’ve mishandled my situation.

While they used to provide excellent service and products, they’ve been quite unreliable in recent years.

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Bluehost isn’t inherently bad, but being one of the more affordable hosting options often translates to lower quality. Typically, this means slower site speeds, occasional downtime, and potential challenges when seeking effective support from Bluehost. These drawbacks can deter many professional developers, leading to cautionary advice against using it. However, if your website isn’t crucial to your business or isn’t generating revenue, Bluehost may suffice for most needs.

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