Is it acceptable to compose an article utilizing ChatGPT?

Hey, I’ve been trying to kickstart my blog for a bit now. Recently, I discovered ChatGPT, and it’s pretty mind-blowing how fast I can whip up blog posts with it. I gave it a shot, and in just thirty minutes, I had a draft ready. Spent another half-hour refining and polishing it. But, I can’t shake off this feeling of guilt for not penning it all down myself.

Is it cool to rely on ChatGPT for content creation? And, will it have any impact on my blog’s ranking?

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It’s okay to use ChatGPT to generate articles for your blog.

On an ethical basis, it is of course not cool, as it is similar to stealing content.

However, be careful as the last Google core update clamped down on websites focused on creating large amounts of unoriginal content that provides little to no value to users. In addition, I think Google has a policy against the use of automatically generated content.
If you want to improve your site’s ranking, focus on SEO and ensure that you edit your blog posts so that they have a human touch. Most AI content sound a bit robotic and ChatGPT uses English that is too complex for the average reader

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Using ChatGPT for content creation is fine, especially as a brainstorming tool. It’s smart to refine the output yourself. Regarding SEO, original, well-optimized content usually ranks better.

Yes, it’s acceptable to use ChatGPT for article writing; ensure to personalize the content.