Is Tumblr still a popular platform for bloggers and content creators?

Hey, remember when we all were on Tumblr around 2012? It was such a breeze to get your blog noticed and even market it. But lately, it seems like it’s not talked about much. Do you guys still hang out on Tumblr? What’s it being used for these days?

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Tumblr remains popular among certain niche communities, including fandoms, artists, writers, and those interested in specific subcultures. It offers a space for sharing creative content, fan art, fan fiction, and more.

Tumblr continues to stand out as a distinctive platform for expressing creativity, boasting a substantial user community, particularly among younger age groups. Its appeal lies in its straightforward interface and emphasis on visual content.

Yeah, Tumblr was popular back then back then. Most of the people shifted to twiiter. I’m still using Tumblr till now but most blogs nowadays don’t have too many engangements like they used to. People are still using the app to post their blogs.