Should I publish all 80 blog posts when lauching a new websites ( I have not indexed my website)

My new website now has eighty published posts. The website is built appropriately because I have noindexed it. Let me launch the new site and remove the noindex now. Though we have already published 80 posts, I wonder if it is a bad thing. Google is going to penalize the site? Blog postings typically have a word count of 600–5000.

I launched my site with a bunch of posts, and it worked out fine. Removing the noindex and launching with all 80 should be okay. Just make sure your content is high quality and SEO-friendly. Google shouldn’t penalize you for having a lot of good content right from the start.

Congratulations on launching your new website with eighty published posts! It sounds like you’ve taken the right steps by initially setting the site to noindex, ensuring everything is in order before going live. Removing the noindex now is a good move, and having a substantial amount of content already available can actually be beneficial, as it provides value and substance for visitors and search engines. Google generally does not penalize websites simply for having a large number of posts at launch. Instead, it focuses on the quality and relevance of the content. Your blog posts, ranging from 600 to 5000 words, fall within a good range for SEO, as long as they are well-written and provide valuable information to your readers. So, go ahead and launch with confidence, ensuring you continue to follow best practices for SEO and content quality.