Tips on how to use pinterest for blogging


I’ve found that leveraging Pinterest has been incredibly beneficial for my blog, and I’d love to share some tips that have worked for me:

  1. Set up a Pinterest Business Account: This gives you access to Pinterest Analytics and other valuable tools to track the performance of your Pins.
  2. Optimize your Pinterest business profile: Make sure your profile is complete with a clear profile picture, an engaging bio, and a link to your blog. Use relevant keywords to make your profile discoverable.
  3. Create boards that are aligned with your blog: Organize your content into boards that reflect the topics you cover in your blog. This helps visitors quickly find the content they’re interested in.
  4. Create Pins from your blog posts: Design eye-catching Pins that link directly back to your blog posts. High-quality images and engaging descriptions can significantly increase your click-through rate.
  5. Optimize your Pins: Use relevant keywords in your Pin titles and descriptions to improve their visibility in Pinterest searches. Rich Pins can provide additional information, making your content even more attractive.
  6. Take advantage of Pinterest business features: Utilize features like promoted Pins to reach a wider audience and Pinterest Analytics to understand what type of content performs best.
  7. Proactively drive traffic to your Pins: Share your Pins on other social media platforms, and engage with other Pinterest users by repinning and commenting on their content.

By implementing these strategies, I’ve seen a substantial increase in traffic to my blog from Pinterest. I hope these tips help you achieve similar success.

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Here are some tips on how to use Pinterest effectively to drive traffic to your blog in the video below;

Here’s why Pinterest can be a powerful tool for bloggers, and some tips on how to use it effectively:

  • Make eye-catching pins with clear titles and descriptions. Pin often!
  • Let people easily share your blog posts on Pinterest with a “Pin It” button.**
  • Join relevant boards, follow Pinners in your niche, and be social!**

Bonus: Track what works best and keep at it! Pinterest loves fresh content.