Visitor stats - are they GA cookie dependant?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to monitor the overall view statistics of my blog. I’m curious whether GA4 will capture ALL views to my blog, even if visitors don’t consent to my cookie banner?

I’ve had a suspicion that if visitors don’t accept the cookies, the stats aren’t recorded. If this is the case, I’m unsure how to track all-time views accurately.

I’d appreciate any advice you can offer!



However, the reliance on cookies does impact the granularity and precision of the statistics captured by GA, especially in a privacy-conscious digital landscape.

You’re right to be curious! GA4 is trickier with cookies, but don’t worry - it can still track most views. Here’s the deal:

  • GA4 works with and without cookies: It uses a mix of methods, so even if someone rejects cookies, GA4 can often still track their visit.
  • Some views might be missed: It’s not perfect, and some views might slip through the cracks, especially on mobile devices.

If overall view stats are crucial, consider these options:

  • Upgrade to GA4’s “advanced mode” (requires a developer) for more robust tracking without cookies.
  • Display a cookie banner that explains the benefits of accepting cookies (transparency helps!).

Focus on what GA4 captures, and you’ll still get a good picture of your blog’s traffic!

To ensure accurate tracking of all-time views, consider implementing alternative tracking methods or seeking consent from visitors to use cookies for analytics purposes.

As a B2B marketer, Google Analytics relies primarily on cookies to track visitor behavior , but it can gather some data even without them.