What are the consequences of unauthorized image use according to Copytrack?

Hey guys,

I could really use some advice here. So, last year I launched my website without realizing the whole image copyright thing. Fast forward to February this year, I applied for AdSense, and by March, I had learned about copyright issues and either removed the images or properly credited them on my site.

But here’s the kicker: I recently got a notice from COPYTRACK saying I used an image without permission and they want 130 EUR for settlement. Thing is, that image was removed back in March 2023, and before that, my site wasn’t making any money as I had just applied for AdSense in February. From February to March, I only made about 53 USD. Even now, I’m only making around 10 USD a day, and my site took a hit from a recent Google update on helpful content.

I tried explaining all this to COPYTRACK, but they’re threatening legal action and won’t give me the contact info of the image owner to explain my situation.

What should I do now? Any advice would be much appreciated.


Dealing with @Unclewaffl3s’ copyright issues is taxing, especially after removing the picture. Handling copyright claims is complex, and COPYTRACK’s refusal to share the image owner’s contact details adds more complexity. Consider legal advice to protect your rights. They might negotiate a fairer settlement or share more details about the claim.


It’s advisable to use only images for which you have the rights or those licensed for reuse to prevent legal complications.

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COPYTRACK may request compensation for using images without permission. The amount of this settlement can fluctuate based on factors like how long and extensively the image was used.

However, as @Unclewaffl3s mentioned, COPYTRACK is threatening legal action and refusing to disclose the image owner’s contact information. In this case, it’s recommended that you seek legal advice to explore your options and safeguard your rights, especially since COPYTRACK hasn’t been forthcoming with crucial information regarding the image source.

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COPYTRACK may take legal action against those who use images without permission, potentially damaging their reputation if legal proceedings are initiated and publicized.

Here You need to be consequences when using image that is watermarked