What are the top SEO keyword research tools for bloggers?

Hey guys, you know how Semrush and Ahrefs are the big shots in SEO tools, right? Well, they’re kinda heavy on the wallet. I’ve been trying out Mangools since it’s around 29 bucks a month, but man, hitting that daily limit on keyword searches is a pain. Got any other tools in mind? I mean, I’ve looked into some free ones, but they barely scratch the surface.

What do you think?


I see! It’s like you are eager to find the Right SEO tool with the right balance of features and budget for you. SemRush to be honest is not the right tool for you cuz its costly and limited.

Have you Tried Screaming Frog - This desktop SEO crawler tool has a free version that’s quite powerful, and the paid version is only £149/year.

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I know its a good SEO tool but to be honest you wont like it for sure, because Screaming Frog runs as a desktop application, which means you can only use it on the machine it’s installed on.

The SEO Tool i can suggest for you is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel With a budget of $29 u good to go because it offers a good balance of features and pricing. The free plan has daily limits, but the paid plans start at only $29/month.


@Flippa I’d recommend trying out a few options, like Moz Pro, or KWFinder by Mangools seeing which one fits your needs best, and then scaling up if or when your SEO needs grow. You wont be disappointed.

These Two are definitely the leading and most comprehensive SEO tool suites on the market.

You Just cant escape from them @Flippa They can be quite heavy on the wallet. Here are options that you can try out: * Moz, Semrush’s Guru plan, Mangools, and Ubersuggest we discussed earlier can provide solid SEO functionality at a more affordable price point.