What is blogging all about?

Blogging has become very popular. Lots of people have blogs now, so it’s tough to stand out. I’m wondering if blogging is just a hobby nowadays or if it’s still possible to earn money from it in 2021. What can we expect from blogging now? What are the opportunities? Any advice or insight would be really helpful because I’m feeling confused about it.


Hey Donna! Blogging can still be a rewarding venture! It’s not just a hobby; many bloggers are making a decent income through various channels like ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content. The trick is to create content that resonates with your audience and to keep evolving with the trends. Find your niche, be genuine, and engage with your readers. With some effort and smart strategies, you can definitely make your mark in the blogging world.


Hello @Donna, Blogging is not just a hobby. It is a way to share what you’re passionate about with the world. With blogging, you get to do that which you love while making money off of it.
Just make sure you’re delivering high quality content that addresses the consumers’ needs and concerns.

By so doing you will be able to grow your platform and start earning from it in record time.


Blogging entails so much more than just writing for the sake of it. And yes, you can make real good money from it.

Read this and get more insights on how to properly go about it:

A blog is a sort of website in which the owner (or author) discusses their experiences, ideas, thoughts, or anything else they wish to share with the world.

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Blogging, it is a website type that provides the immediate, often informal, information on current events, personal opinions, and news. Generally blogging is a versatile and dynamic medium that caters for a wide range of purposes and audiences, either for personal enjoyment or professional growth, it offers a unique way to communicate and connect with the world.

Hey Donna
Blogging involves crafting and distributing content focused on a particular topic or niche using a dedicated blog platform. This content includes articles, posts, or entries that are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, prioritizing the most recent updates. Blogging serves multiple purposes: