What is the Fork Food blog?

Hey, I keep getting these suggestions for the ‘What the Fork’ channel on Snapchat. It’s run by two Canadian guys who cook and try out special recipes while making lots of jokes. I tried looking for them on YouTube or Instagram with the same name, but I couldn’t find them. Does anyone know if they have an Instagram or where else they share longer videos?

The ‘What the Fork’ Snapchat channel, known for its humorous cooking content by two Canadian hosts, might not be easily found on other platforms under the same name. To find them elsewhere, try searching for the hosts’ names individually on Instagram or YouTube, look for related hashtags, check Snapchat Discover for links to other social profiles, or contact them directly on Snapchat. They may use different usernames or focus primarily on Snapchat for now, so keep an eye out for any announcements about expanding to new platforms.

To enhance your search for the ‘What the Fork’ channel on other platforms:

  1. Search for the Hosts: Use the names of the hosts to search individually on Instagram and YouTube. They might share content under their personal accounts or different usernames.
  2. Use Related Hashtags: On Instagram, search for hashtags like #WhatTheFork or #WhatTheForkSnapchat. This can lead you to their posts or fan pages.
  3. Check Snapchat Discover: Look at their Snapchat Discover profile for any links or mentions of their other social media accounts.
  4. Food and Cooking Communities: Look for discussions about ‘What the Fork’ in food and cooking forums or communities. Fans often share where they find more content from their favorite creators.
  5. Direct Contact: If possible, contact the hosts through Snapchat to ask about their presence on other social media platforms.

These steps can help you find ‘What the Fork’ content outside of Snapchat and stay updated on any new platforms they might join.