What's Gaby Cooking blog?

Is anyone else feeling annoyed by What’s Gaby Cooking’s lifestyle posts lately? I really enjoy her as a food personality, and her recipes are always great, but her vacation and lifestyle posts seem out of touch. It feels like she’s constantly showing off her expensive vacations and hanging out with famous friends. I like seeing lifestyle content from food bloggers (and Poppy seems like a lovely kid), but hers feels too much like “look at me!!” these days. Does anyone else feel the same?


Yeah I kinda feel the same way though, sharing aspects of their lifestyle on her Gaby Cooking Blog, including vacations and socializing with famous friends, can be a deliberate choice to create a certain image or appeal to a specific demographic


Influencers are increasingly expanding their content to include lifestyle posts, offering a more comprehensive and well-rounded experience for their audience. This shift allows them to connect with their followers on a deeper level and provide a glimpse into their personal lives and interests. By incorporating lifestyle posts, influencers can showcase their hobbies, daily routines, travel experiences, fashion choices, and more. This expansion not only adds variety to their content but also allows them to engage with a wider range of topics and connect with a broader audience.


Gaby Cooking Blog not only focuses on cooking but also incorporates lifestyle posts to attract a broader audience. By sharing aspects of her personal brand and values, Gaby showcases her unique identity and connects with followers on a deeper level. This expansion allows influencers to reach new followers who are interested in lifestyle-related content, beyond the niche-specific cooking content

Gaby Cooking Blog has always been my cooking inspiration as a blogger, but lately, I’m seeing something unexpected. However, her posts still reflect her hobbies and interests.