What's the Difference Between a Blog and a Vlog?

HI y’all…
I’ve been exploring ways to share my thoughts and experiences online, and I’m curious about the difference between a blog and a vlog. I understand that both involve creating content, but can someone clarify the distinctions for me? Is it primarily about written versus video format, or are there other factors to consider? Any insights or examples of each would be really helpful as I decide which platform might suit me best.



Let us say there is not a correct response to this. When I asked my followers on Instagram which they preferred -vlogs or blogs- they responded that they liked reading blogs better than watching vlogs. was not at all what I had anticipated, especially since I write about makeup. It truly depends on your content and audience, in my opinion. Writing has always seemed to me to be a little more intimate.


wow, that is a really interesting feedback.

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I concur with your final statement. I find the written word to be more intimate. I still watch a fair number of vlogs, but I read a lot more blogs.