What's the top platform to kickstart your blogging journey?

Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking about my blogging platform lately and could use some advice. I’ve been loyal to WordPress.com, but it feels like it’s not as popular these days. I’ve heard great stuff about WordPress.org, but I’m not keen on diving into coding.

I’m particularly drawn to WordPress because of its podcasting capabilities, but I’m open to exploring other options too.

Any thoughts or recommendations? Appreciate any input you can give.

Thanks in advance!


I feel your frustrations @Dolph though I want you to know WordPress.com is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. However, its flexibility and higher costs for additional features may have pushed you away… Here are two options that I can recommend you to try out:

  1. Wix - user-friendly, with a wider range of templates.
  2. Squarespace - modern designs, suitable for creatives.

Happy Blogging


@Dolph II hear your cry about wanting to move from WordPress.com. However, here it depends on how much control and customization you want.

If you’re willing to invest a little time learning, WordPress.org could be a great upgrade.

But if you want to stick with something more straightforward, WordPress.com is still a solid choice.

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Here are Dedicated podcast hosting platforms; Buzzsprout, Podbean, or Libsyn. These platforms can also work well and integrate with various website platforms… Here you wont go wrong!

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When starting your blogging journey, the best platform often depends on your needs and level of technical comfort.

Wordpress.com has limited customization compared to WordPress.org.

Wix is also very user-friendly with a simple drag-and-drop editor, but now flexible.

But the Top platform to kick-start your Blogging (podcasting capabilities) You will need go for WordPress.org/Wordprss.

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