Which platform is better for monetizing articles based on traffic, while avoiding placing them behind paywalls?

Hi everyone, I am planning to write blog posts and articles more often and I am deciding between Medium and Substack. I am not sure about creating a newsletter or posting regularly. I also do not want to put my articles behind a paywall or charge for subscriptions.

I don’t expect to make much money from this since it is a hobby to improve my writing and learn new things. But I do want to grow my audience. What do you think my best options are?

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Simply post them on your own webpage.

Visit Problogger and join up for one of those $0.02 per word services if you’re in need of quick cash.

The fact that Medium or any other service of a same nature owns the monetization rights makes posting your material there problematic.

Wordpress is the best platform for earning traffic because you can own all content on the blog, sell it in 1,001 different ways, brand and modify it as you like, and avoid all the regulations and limitations that come with free blogging platforms.

Because they control the branding, customization, content, and, well, everything on those platforms, Medium, Substack, and other free platforms are terrible at making money. It is hard to stand out and create a steady profit on a website if you own nothing, have no branding skills, and cannot customize anything.