Which platform offers better customization options: Bluehost with WordPress or Squarespace?

Hey everyone, I’ve recently started blogging (I have two now) and I’m curious about your thoughts on using WordPress through Bluehost versus Squarespace. What’s your preference and why?

I set up one of my blogs a while ago on Squarespace and just recently started another one using Bluehost with WordPress. I’m really liking WordPress for its flexibility, but I find Squarespace better suited for my other blog due to the topic I write about. One feature I particularly like on Squarespace is the ability for clients to schedule appointments and make payments, which I haven’t quite figured out on WordPress yet (although it’s not essential for my WordPress blog).

So, I’m keen to hear your opinions! Do you think it’s better to keep my blogs on separate platforms?


I steer clear of website builders like Squarespace because they tie you into their service. If you want to switch hosts, you’d practically have to rebuild your entire site on a new platform.

I prefer having complete control with my own website builder, like WordPress, allowing me the freedom to switch hosts whenever I want.

Adapting WordPress to my needs might take more time, effort, and sometimes money for premium themes and plugins, but I believe the flexibility it offers is well worth it.

By the way, I wouldn’t recommend Bluehost; there are plenty of better hosts available.

I use Squarespace is the superior choice for creating informational and business websites, thanks to its user-friendly design, comprehensive templates, and robust support. BlueHost, while versatile and powerful, is better suited for users who need extensive customization through WordPress