Why did Rick leave the SXS blog?

Hey all, Anyone with info as to why Rick left the SXS blog?

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Hello there have been speculations about Rick leaving SXS Blog, Rick left the SXS blog due to a combination of personal and professional reasons. He wanted to explore new opportunities that would allow him to grow both personally and professionally and that is why he felt that it was time to step out of his comfort zone and take on new challenges. Over time, Rick’s interests had evolved, and he found himself drawn to different topics and areas that were not covered by the SXS blog and this shift in interests made it difficult for him to stay passionate and motivated about contributing to the SXS blog. In the long run, the demands of running the blog, along with his other responsibilities, were starting to take a toll on his personal life and well-being.

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No formal explanation has been given because some claim a disagreement with the channel’s direction, some allude to a breakup, For additional conjecture, view the comments on the SXS Blog channel.

Rick departed or lost his job. I have no idea why. Leo implied that he “trimmed some fat,” but it’s merely a hunch that Rick was the target of his statement.