Business plan before blog?

I wanted to start a blog and decided to write several articles before launching. While doing that, I almost finished a book. Now, my plan is to start the blog, build a following, and then release my book on the website.

I’m considering creating a business plan for the blog. Is this too much? Has anyone else done this?


@Will Combining a blog and book release is a smart strategy, and it will maximize content.

However, creating a business plan for the blog is prudent, most successful bloggers have applied the same strategy.

This helps to ensure long-term viability. I tried this and to be honest… You will be HAPPY!


All I can tell you is a great idea and helpful for example… It helps to focus on writing useful blogs to build trust, attract clients, and showcase how your products or services help.

As Marcus Sheridan says ‘They ask, you answer.’“They ask, you answer.”


It’s not too much… doing so helps you to structure a plan that lays the foundation for success, while a blog can amplify your brand.


“They ask, you answer” is a powerful principle - proactively address your customers’ questions and concerns to build trust and demonstrate expertise.

Focus on creating genuinely useful, informative content that answers common queries in your target audience. This earns trust and drives leads more effectively than straight sales pitches.

Monitor your content performance and keep producing more of what resonates best with your audience. Executing this strategy consistently can be very effective for growth and positioning yourself as an authority.

Monitor your analytics to see which content resonates best, and continue producing more of what works.

I’ve been working on articles for my upcoming blog and ended up writing nearly a whole book in the process. My plan is to launch the blog, grow an audience, and then sell my book through the site. Is it necessary to draft a business plan for my blog, or should I keep it simpler? Has anyone else taken a similar approach?

Creating a business plan for your blog can be highly beneficial, especially if you aim to sell a book, as it helps clarify your vision, set goals, and create a roadmap. However, it’s not necessary to have a formal plan from the start, and many successful bloggers develop structured plans as they grow. If your goal is to build a following and sell your book, consider defining your goals, identifying your target audience, planning a content strategy, and developing a marketing plan using social media, SEO, and email newsletters. While a business plan provides structure, starting with clear goals and a flexible strategy can also lead to success, allowing you to refine your approach over time based on what works best for your audience.