Double/Triple Posting To Platforms

It appears that platforms like Substack, LinkedIn, and others prioritize retaining users on their sites and don’t necessarily favor external links or provide them with significant reach. Despite the great features Substack offers for sharing content, my writing isn’t gaining visibility on the platforms I share it to. Additionally, there are concerns about Substack articles not being indexed by Google, as searches in incognito mode fail to retrieve any of my articles written daily since January. Considering this, I’m contemplating returning to my own website for writing, where my content will at least appear in Google searches. As an alternative strategy, I’m considering double-posting my daily articles directly to these platforms instead of solely relying on links. Have any of you experimented with double or triple posting your content across platforms?

Has anyone here experimented with double-posting content? What were your experiences? Were there any platform-specific issues you encountered?

Double-posting saves time, but followers might get annoyed. I try repurposing content for each platform (shorter for Twitter) and space out reposts to avoid a content overload. What about you? Any experiences to share?