How often should i post on my blog?

What things should bloggers think about when figuring out how often to post on their blog?

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It depends on which content you want to put in your blog. If you are running an entertainment blog, I’d suggest you put in the work and maybe have 1 post per day. If you are running a news blog, then I believe you should be posting in real-time. There are several plugins and codes that can help you achieve this. I know a friend who used to have a plugin for a news aggregator site, I just cant remember the name of the plugin

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You’ve made some excellent points about the frequency of posting depending on the type of blog. For entertainment blogs, posting daily can indeed keep the audience engaged and coming back for more, as entertainment topics often benefit from regular updates to keep content fresh and exciting.

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The ideal blogging frequency to build brand awareness for small blogs is 1-2 times a week with new posts. The ideal blogging frequency to build brand awareness for large blogs is 3-4 times a week with new and updated posts

Posting frequency depends on the type of blog.

For entertainment blogs, quality content is crucial, so a well-researched and engaging daily post might be a good target.

Absolutely, posting frequency depends on your blog’s focus. Daily posts work for entertainment, while news should be more frequent. Plugins can automate updates—let me know if you remember that plugin’s name!

Good tips! It’s smart to post daily for entertainment blogs and in real-time for news blogs. Plugins can help manage this. If you remember the name of that news plugin, please share

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