How to do keyword research for blog

Hey everyone, I just started my new blog and I’m super excited to share my knowledge and connect with people who share my interests. But the thing is, I’m a total newbie when it comes to the technical side of blogging. I keep hearing about “keyword research” and how it’s important for getting people to find your blog. The problem is, I have no idea where to even begin!
Are there any easy-to-follow tips for keyword research, especially for someone starting out? Or any tools that can help me find the right keywords for my blog?

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I’m just a beginner, but I use Google Keyword Planner and the free version of Semrush to find low-volume long-tail keywords.

I type the keyphrase on Google and check the top 10 results.

If small websites rank without using the keyphrase I chose, I go for it and try to grab the top spot.

I try to use my keyphrase about 7 times in an 800-word article.

I don’t have money to buy the paid versions of Semrush or Ahrefs for advanced SEO.

Edit: I also use Ubersuggest’s three free searches a day to get ideas for longer keywords

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Hey guys for you to do keyward research for any blog, you can follow the follow the bellow steps;
First, decide who your target audience is.
Step 2: Determine the desires of your audience.
Step 3: Sort content according to importance using keyword research.

Step 4: Produce content according to the queries of your audience.
Step 5: Before creating a blog article, conduct a more thorough keyword research.

Hi there! We do provide a free account tier; its limitations differ from those of paid plans, but it can contain what you need. With the free account, you can still watch keyword ranks, conduct keyword research, and do a lot more. We always welcome queries through direct messages. :slight_smile: - Kyle

I second this one thank you :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:.