How to remove blog from homepage

Hi everyone!

Since WordPress is quite basic, I have used it before, and I do not know how to code, I made a website using it.

The blog has to be taken down from my homepage. I have looked up instructions on how to accomplish this on Google, and most of them suggest going to setting and unchecking some options.

However, the settings menu in my WordPress admin appears completely different, and I do not have access to the same uncheckable choices.

Is there someone who can help me find the appropriate path? Salutations!


In order to remove a post from your front page, you have several options. One, you could unpublish the post. Another option is to change what’s being displayed on the front page by setting a static page instead of the blog feed. You can make this change in the customization settings when you edit your site. You would need to create a new page to display as the static page. Alternatively, you can create new posts to replace what’s on the front of the site. One last option is to install a plugin that can control the posts you want to display.


Do you mean a static home page?

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Yes @WriteWandererWes

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You should be able to select an option for your home page and posts page by going to Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings, assuming you are not on

Additionally, this should be possible under Settings > Reading.