How to write blog posts faster

One of my friends works in SEO and also writes content. But writing blogs takes a lot of time, like a whole day for a 1500-word blog. Can anyone suggest how to write a blog quickly without copying from others?

Does your friend has real experience in writing blog posts?
I am not asking this question to intimidate you but as a concerned fellow because for an experienced writer, a 1500-word blog will only take hours to complete.
Seemingly writing one blog per day shows that your friend is just an amateur in the industry therefore he/she should write for sometime in order to gain experience to write faster.

I think your friend is not performing enough keyword research, which is the most important part of writing an article. Brainstorming ideas and topics which is relevant to your audience is quite important. You can get insights from comments sections of social media platforms such as, X formerly Twitter,, and others.
Some tools can assist you in keyword research and save you time from the heavy load, for instance, we have Semrush by simply going to Keyword Overview which works for me all the time.
hope this helps!

Hey, just to add, if you scroll down the page to the “Keyword ideas” section, you’ll find “Keyword Variations” and related “Questions.” These can be really helpful for brainstorming new content ideas or deciding what topics to include in your article which may help you come up with other ideas.
Of course, this is while using the option of Keyword overview in semrush.

You seem quite familiar with Semrush, I have been using Ahref for some time and it has been working great for me. Just want to ask, what is the difference cause I have seen many writers preferring Semrush over Ahref yet they serve the same purpose?

And for how long have you been in this industry??? I’m still an amateur and my sites have not been doing that great despite following the Google updates and even the 2024 Google Core update

I don’t think blogging is all about writing for some time to gain experience. There are tools one should know plus SEO rules, how to do keyword research,using an SEO checklist to optimize your posts, know how to outline your blog post so that one can know this H1 and this is a paragraph, being up to date with google updates, e.t.c.
It is a big industry and writing for some time will get you nowhere without knowing the basics.

I second you on this. I’ve found that using the Semrush suite really sped up my blog post writing. The Keyword Overview makes keyword research quick and effective, Topic Research helps find great topics and headlines, ContentShake AI boosts writing efficiency, and the SEO Writing Assistant offers useful SEO and readability tips. These tools have been game-changers for me!

My friend does SEO and content writing, but finds it very time-consuming to write a 1500-word blog post, often taking an entire day. What strategies or techniques can help speed up the blog writing process without resorting to plagiarism?

To speed up the blog writing process without resorting to plagiarism, consider these strategies: start with a clear outline to organize your thoughts and structure your post efficiently; use voice-to-text software to quickly get your ideas down; set a timer to create a sense of urgency and focus; research and gather all necessary information beforehand to avoid interruptions; write in focused sprints, taking short breaks in between; and finally, use tools like grammar checkers and AI-assisted writing aids to streamline the editing process. These techniques can help you produce high-quality content more efficiently.

Here are some ways to write a blog post quickly and authentically:


  1. Brainstorm Your Own Ideas: Start by jotting down topics you’re passionate about or recent experiences you can share with a unique perspective.
  2. Focus on a Specific Angle: Even if the topic isn’t entirely original, consider what unique twist you can offer. Can you provide practical tips, analyze a trend, or share a personal story?
  3. Craft a Basic Outline: Map out the key points you want to cover before diving into writing. This keeps you focused and saves time during the writing process.

Writing Efficiently

  1. Write a Rough Draft First: Don’t worry about perfecting sentences at this stage. Get your ideas on the page and refine them later.
  2. Use Bullet Points and Short Sentences: These help maintain a clear structure and keep the writing concise.
  3. Write in Your Own Voice: Don’t try to mimic someone else’s style. Let your personality shine through for a more engaging read.

Research Strategically

  1. Research After Your Initial Draft: Use credible sources to support your claims and add depth, but avoid getting bogged down by reading everything on the topic.
  2. Quote Sparingly and Cite Your Sources: Give credit to others’ ideas while maintaining your own focus.
  3. Use Multiple Sources: Consulting a variety of perspectives helps you develop a well-rounded understanding and avoid replicating any one source too closely.