I need help creating an email list

I have a blog in the dating/relationships niche and want to create an email list. Thing is, i don’t really know how to go about it. I need a bit of help with the following

  1. What is a good plug in to collect emails?
  2. Do i have to give something for free and if so what should that be? (looking for ideas)
  3. Do i need a landing page and how do i create one?
  4. How often should i be sending out emails and out of those times how many should i be trying to sell something?

Dig from sites like Tinder and Instagram where people prioritise being sexually attractive.

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To create an email list, define your audience, choose an email marketing service, create a sign-up form, offer incentives, segment your list, craft compelling content, maintain consistency, and monitor performance. Comply with relevant regulations when collecting and managing email addresses.

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