What are your experiences using MidJourneys or similar platforms for blogging? Any pros and cons to share?

Hey everyone! I’ve been experimenting with using AI-generated images for my blog, specifically from Bing’s AI Image generator, and I’m really impressed with the results.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and experiences. Have any of you used AI-generated images, like from MidJourney’s or any other AI platform, for your blog? Is it allowed, and what has your experience been like? Any pros and cons you’d like to share?

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I’ve been using Midjourney and I’m pleased with the outcomes. From what I understand, you’re allowed to use these images on your blog, but you don’t own the rights to them. This means anyone else can save and use the same images. (I’m open to corrections if this information is incorrect.)

Using AI-generated images like those from MidJourney for blogging can be convenient and time-saving, offering customization options to fit your blog’s style. However, consider concerns about originality and ensure you have rights to use them. It’s essential to balance AI-generated content with originality and legal considerations for a balanced approach to blog visuals.