What is the difference between a Wiki and a blog?

What sets a wiki apart from a blog?

Distinguishing Between a Blog and a Wiki

A blog, derived from the term “web log,” is a website where entries are typically organized in chronological order, often displayed in reverse chronological order.
Additionally, “blog” can function as a verb, indicating the act of maintaining or contributing content to a blog.

Many blogs offer commentary or news on specific topics, while others serve as personal online diaries.
A typical blog incorporates text, images, and links to other relevant blogs, web pages, and media.
The interactive feature allowing readers to leave comments is a crucial aspect of many blogs.
Although most blogs are primarily text-based, some focus on various forms of media, including art (artlog), photography (photoblog), sketches (sketchblog), videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), and audio (podcasting).
Micro-blogging, characterized by very brief posts, is another variant of blogging and is commonly observed in social media networks.

On the other hand, a wiki refers to computer software enabling users to create, edit, and interlink web pages with ease.
Wikis are frequently utilized to develop collaborative websites and support community platforms.
Increasingly, businesses deploy wikis for cost-effective Intranets or in the realm of Knowledge Management.
Ward Cunningham, the creator of the first wiki, WikiWikiWeb, initially described it as “the simplest online database that could possibly work.”
Perhaps the most renowned example of a wiki is Wikipedia.

This is a clear explanation of the differences between blogs and wikis. It highlights the chronological nature of blogs and the collaborative aspect of wikis.

Blogs and wikis have different uses. Wikis facilitate collaborative content creation, editing, and organization among various users. It usually concentrates on learning as much as possible about particular subjects. A blog, on the other hand, is more intimate and is typically written by just one person. It shares updates, thoughts, and experiences in a chronological order.